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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Nadia's Song?!

From Sohier Khashoggi Novel "Nadia's Song" page 41:

"... She had been afraid in her life, but she had never felt as she would always be afraid. That was how she felt now.'Allah the all-merciful, our only protector,' she began, but the words of the prayer seemed only words.
One thing always helped. One thing alwayes pleased others, even grown-ups, as well as herself. Softly, she began to sing. "

I read this paragraph few days ago, and truly is was very annoying!! I understand the writer was trying to emphasise how singing helped the little girl, but I hated how she assocciated it with prayers!!
So inconsiderate from her even if she wasnt a muslim!

I've read her previous book "Mirage" and I admit I loved the story .. but still I admit I hated the fact that she likes to portray the arab world as a uncilivilzed countries. But I guess, in order to sell her book she needs to add this fantacy to this area because this is what the readers would like to read.


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