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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Oman Blog Awards 2005

The Nomination for Oman's 2005 Blog awards has started .. go ahead to the link in the logo and vote for your best Omani Blogs

p.s I promise I wouldnt be mad if you didnt vote for me :D


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Friday, January 27, 2006

Salut to Saudi Arabia

I was really empressed with Saudi's Reaction to the Cartoon in Denemark about Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him). I am not aginst freedom of speach, but I dont think that you should use that freedom to offend and hurt other people's feelings. If they chose to cartoon about the 9/11 bombers, terrorists or anything else thats thier choice, but cartooning about Prophet Mohammed thats a line that they should never cross.

I've got several messages to boycott Denish goods. Fourtountly, I never use them but at the same time I am torn between wether this boycott is the right decision or not. Logicly speaking, those companies did not interfere in this case. But at the same time, this could push the danish government to take action aginst the newspaper!

However, I support the Saudi's reaction to it. They used dimplomatic ways to tell the government that what that newspaper did cannot tolerated by muslims.

Its such a shame, muslims never targetted Denemark I dont understand why they are trying to move the still waters!!


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Thursday, January 26, 2006

We lost a Jewel

Sadly, on Monday afternoon we lost my dearest Aunt. She submitted her soul to Allah after a year's struggle with cancer. Her death didn't affect one family, it affected the whole town. She was called "um al fuqra - the poor people's mother".
When I received a message from mom, telling me to rush to hospital, I didn't imagine it to happen. I was rushing but I was sure I will see her. I didn't realize that death could be faster then me until I received another message from my cousin telling me she passed away. Unfortunately, I wasn't in the hospital yet. When I reached there, and saw the shock & sadness in they eyes of my uncles is when I realized it really happened. I entered her room and she was covered, I felt I should wake her up from her sleep, I should do something because she is not really dead .. but it was Allah's wish to take her life on that afternoon.

She lived an amazing life alhamdulilah, filled with good deeds. She was separated from her mother at the age of 8 to live in her father's town, married off to an old man at the age of 12 and bearing a number of children where non lived but one boy.
Being in Oman in its early years of development, she refused to stay as an uneducated women. She started taking evening classes and stopped at grade 10. I still remmber clearly when few years back she was trying to read an English story book. I was really amazed how my aunt could really read English even if it wasn't fluent!

She always insisted to take part in developing women in Ibra. She was the first President of Ibra Women association and it was one of the most active associations in Oman. I don't know of any woman or girl who didn't call her by "Khalti - Aunt".
There is no poor family in Ibra who didn't benefit from her continuous search for people to donate money.

Like I said, she wouldn't be missed by her family but the whole town .. she was the mother of everyone there.

Things I would really miss from her:
- Her empty messages, she doesn't know how to use the phone well so she would mistakenly send me empty messages since my name is on the top of her phone list.
- Hearing about the town's stories. She would be the only one who would give us the town's news since she lives there. It was always interesting since she will add her funny comments to the story.
-Her scolding when we do something she doesn't approve of.

If I tried listing everything I would miss I wouldn't end this post .. I just want to say that she would live in the soul of everyone until Inshallah we meen in the Paradise. Ameen.

اللَّهُمَّ اغْفِرْ لَهُا وارْحَمْهُا وعافِهِا واعفُ عنْهُا وأكرمْ نُزُلها ، ووسِّع مُدْخلَهُا ، واغسلهُا بالمَاءِ والثَّلْجِ والبَرَدِ ونَقِّهِا من الخطَايا كَمَا نَقَّيْتَ الثَّوبَ الأَبيضَ من الدَّنَسِ ، وأَبْدلهُا داراً خيراً من دارهِا ، وأهلاً خيراً من أهلها وزوجاً خيراً من زوجهِا وأَدْخِلْهُا الجَنَّةَ وأعِذْها من عَذَاب القَبْر


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Friday, January 20, 2006

أبيات عابرة

تمر السنين الطوال وأبقى أنا .. وابقى أناجي نفس الحنين
سأمت الزوايا سأمت الدُنا ..سأمت أعزف وتري الحزين
أينام الورى نوم الهناء .. وأسهر أنا و همي الكمين؟


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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Stay where you are!!

These past days I have been really thinking, almost 4 years passed since I graduated from university .. and in a way or another I feel I am still the same person I was when I graduated. I still like the same things and enjoy the same style of life. I really didnt feel that I changed in the past 4 years.

Today it made me think even more, because while talking to one of my colleuges at uni, and told her something about (a forum I am a member at) she laughed saying that I am still the same. But inside me, I started thinking .. is it a bad thing or a good thing?
Personaly, I dont think I would like to change .. I am enjoying everything I used to do .. but then another thought comes and says .. shouldnt I just grow up and change my intrest?

Soemtimes I wounder how much society plays a role on us being who we are. We change what we like just because it doesnt seem right. For example, that you are an adult and enjoying cartoons!


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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

وصفة خليجية

طارق المحياس يقول وهو يصف محبوبته:ـ

نعم سبحان من سواك .. أخذت من كل شوية
وهذا الشي إلي جنني.. وأكثر فيك حببني

عيونك غير باقي الناس .. أحسها عيون قطرية
ترى في شي بعيونك .. أحسه دوم يجذبني

وخشمك سيف ما يرحم من سيوف السعودية
وأنا يمك أحاسب دوم .. أخافه يس يطعني

وحبة خال في وجهك تقول دانه كويتية
ومن يكسبله هالدانه يعيش العمر متهني

ومن البحرين حتى خذت حواجبك الهلالية
وشعرك موج إماراتي سبع مرات يغرقني

وطيبة قلبك إنت غير نعم طيبة عمانية
يا أطيب قلب في الدنيا متى بإحساس تاخذني

وإذا سولفت لي كأن السوالف هي عراقية
ولك يا با إش ردت مني تريد إنت تعذبني

نعم ما كنك إلا يا الغلا وصفة خليجية
جمعت بلدان في وصفك في شخص واحد يا فاتني

قالها في قصيدة طويلة .. ولكني أحب هذه الفقرة لجمعها بين كل الدول الخليجية

translation: (not quality translation, but at least you wont be lost in this post)

its a poem written by a poet from UAE .. he combined different features from diffeent gulf countries he says:

I feel your eyes are different, like qatari's eyes
Your nose is like a saudi sword
you have a beaty mole in your face, like a kuwaiti pearl
you have bahraini eyebrows like a new moon
and your hair is like an emarati wave
you have kindness in your heart, Omani kindness
and your talks (sowaleef is very hard to translate) is like Iraqis.

"I tried to post a link to the poem, but couldnt .. will be editing this post when I manage to find it "


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My cousin just came back from Brunei, and being a Brunian at heart, I asked him and his wife if they enjoyed and not surprisingly they said they didnt. "it has nothing, no malls" my cousin's wife answered.

It got me thinking how malls became a necesseity to make a place an attraction to tourists. I guess its the fact that a mall has everything to have a good day out : Shopping, entertainment & food.

But this idea wasnt here few years, I remmber clearly when Al-Araimi opened, and we were thinking .. wow this is going to be one big shopping center. Now, Al-Araimi seems small compared to city center and Bahja and I think the reason its built is completly different. Being a shoping center is so different than a mall.

What I am trying to say is, Mall became something we enjoy going to even if our intention is not shopping. It became an attraction. Now, we think of a country by the number of malls it has!!

"I hope I am making sense, I am just bored and thought of making a new post"


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Monday, January 09, 2006

Eid Mubarak

Eid Al-Adhha is tom. inshallah. This Eid special because lots of relatives & family usually go to preform "Hajj" the pilirmige to Mecca. Its a great feeling to see people from different nations, backgrounds heading to one place and preforming the same processes for one reason, to please Allah all mighty.
In this eid its also a must to slaughter a (goat, cow, bull, camel) we call it "Uth7iya". 1/3 of it must be given to the poor.

So Eid Mubarak to all, and May Allah grant you & family all the happiness.


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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

An enemy to my memories!!

Today, was such a stressful day. My dearest Aunt was told that Cancer has started taking control of her body. Since I heard the news, and my hands are shaking with worry .. I cant picture her weak for long, and not being part of our life like she used to be.

I started feeling as if Cancer is an enemy that is fighting every memory I have of her. Memory of her continuous worry of what I will be wearing for Eid in Ibra. Memories of me calling her asking her to make a special dress for my friend, me talking to her about the old days in Oman and making her paint for me the life back then. She is the strongest link to my tradition. She engraved in my heart the love of my little town.

I am trying to be strong infront of her, acting as everything is fine .. but knowing her, she wouldn't let it happen. She likes to know everything about her condition even if she doesn't understand it! I hate to see her suffering from emotional pain in addition to the physical pain she is bearing now.

I wish there is something that I can do to fight this strong cunning enemy. Just months back, the doctors were saying that she is responding well to chemo. But cancer wouldn't let this happen, it started to spread secretly in her body. Now I have the faith that Allah will bring her what's best, but us being weak humans we cant just accept that close people to our heart are suffering.

May Allah cure her .. Amen

أذهب البأس رب الناس أشف أنت الشافي .. لا شفاء إلا شفائك .. شفاء لا يغادر سقماً


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