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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

31st of August, Blog Day!!

I've been tageed by Haitham. We are supposed to write about 5 blogs we know (preferebly from differnet cultures and backgrounds).

it took me long to think about it.. as I do enjoy more than 5 blogs which I take daily visits to!!

I would start with, Nick yusef. He is a 16 years old muslim Malaysian .. I find this blog intresting because it brings me back to a culture I really loved: Malay! I am also impressed by this very energetic, wise young boy .. mashallah :)

another blog that I cant stop myself from checking daily is Raed's Blog. Though he doesnt update his blog much "which he should be sued for", but I love his posts. He is "mashallah" a very wise and mature guy. His arabic is excellent!! (warning: most of his posts are in arabic)

another blog, is my lovely Faroooha's blog. I just love this girl! and when I met her (by the way she was the first girl I meet out of blogs :) ), I loved her even more!! She is very active, white hearted, down to earth, open minded yet understands her culture girl. I would also like to add, she was nominated in one of the sites as best blog :)

Now comes one of my best friend's blog, Namika. Her blog is a log of many thoughts that goes on her very active mind. she puts her thoughts there with a clear statment on where she stands regarding them. I love how stuborn she gets when she doesnt agree with me :p .. she is just one of the most honest and careing people I ever met.

The fifth blog would be Saudi Jeans. I started visiting his arabic blog too: Yawmyat. His blog is very broad and very informative.

I wish I could vote for more than 5, here are some other blogs I would recommend:
Allured (a little bit of everything, Sam, Mbarak, Naja7 ,Muscati, From This Side of The Window
& Sweet Kaza


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عندما تمر أمامي أطياف وخواطر ما ممرت به في حياتي .. يخيل إلي أنها تصلح لعمل فيلم سينمائي من الطراز الأول .. ففيها الألام، المصاعب، المفاجأت والضحكات .. يخيل لي أنه لو قرأت قصة حياتي كرواية فإنني سأظن أن الكاتب قد أبدع في قصته .. ولكن .. أعود وأقف عند كل هذه الخيالات .. أليس لكل منا حكاية؟ أليس لكل منا تلك الحطات التي التي يعود إليها بذاكرته يراها أمام تُصور كفيلم سينمائي؟
أهو الغرور الذي يدفعنا أحياناً إلى إعتقاد ان هموم الدنيا كلها لا تسوى همنا؟ أم أن الرغبة في كسب الإهتمام هي تجعلنا نؤمن أن آلامنا تفوق آلام الغير
مهما يكن الدافع .. يبقى إحساسنا هو إحساسنا .. وعشقنا للحزن هو عشق نظل نتمسك به .. مهما حاولنا تناسيه .. فعند أول فرصة للحزن .. نسلم جميع أسلحتنا ونستسلم له ..كأنه حبيبنا المنتظر .. الذي نسعد كلما لقيناه ..
ألأن الحزن هو عبارة عن مخاطبة الذات؟ معه نتصالح مع أنفسنا؟
كل ما كتبت عبارة عن هذيان أمره به .. خواطر تمر في نفسي التي لا تمل من الأسئلة التي قد لا يكون لها معنى في بعض الأحيان


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Saturday, August 27, 2005


مالذي يجعلنا نثمن ما قد يكون ثمنه الحقيقي مجرد بيزات قليلة لا تسد ثمناً لحلوى طفل صغير ولكن تكون قيمتها في نفسنا
أغلى من ذلك بكثير
مالذي يدفعنا إلى الإحتفاظ بها، تنظيفها ، وصيانتها ، أهي نفس تتوق للرجوع إلى الماضي .. أهي نفس تأبى أن تعيش في حاضرها .. أم هي نفس حبست في سجون ماضي قديم ويظل شبح المستقبل يلوح أمامها و يدفعها إلى التمسك بما كانت تملكه وما كانت تعشقه .. وتبقى النفس حيرى بين دهاليز الماضي ومنعطفات الحاضر!ـ


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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Tagged by Sam

Last book you read: 7az Al Qayd by Mohammed Al-Araimi

Last phone number you called: my sister in law
Last show you watched on TV: an italian/english movie.. dont know its name just loved the accent :)

Last thing you had to drink:Milk Tea

Last thing you ate: cereals

Last time you cried: on sunday, at my grandfather's funeral
Last time you smiled: around 20 minutes back, while talking with my sister in law

Last person you hugged: e7m e7m .. my husband ofcourse :p
Last person you talked to on the phone: my husband
Last thing you smelled: Ariel washing soup!
Last CD that you bought: ya raja2i
Last song you sang: cant remmber ..

Last thing you laughed at: cant remmber

What's in your cd player: dont have one.

What time did you wake up today: 9:45

Current favorite article of clothing: My new abaya with elegent embroidry in it :)

Favorite place to be: any place away with my husband (without knowing any person in that place)

Least favorite place: cant think of anything ..

Do you believe in an afterlife? Yes.

In Heaven or Hell: Yes.

How tall are you: around 164 cm

Current favorite word: cant think of any
Favorite Book: Iliya abu madhi poem book

Random lyric: law a2olak ini ba7ibak .. il7ub shwia 3aleek .. law thania ana bab3id 3ana .. barga3 mishta2 li3naik.

If I could be doing anything right now, i would be: I am doing something I enjoy :)

Are you a daredevil?: not at all ..

Have you ever told a secret you swore you'd never tell?: yes :(
Do looks matter?: not

How do you release your anger? cry about it to my husband
My second home is: Brunei
One thing i have that i wish i didn't is: all the fat in my body!!

All you need is: free time!!
Something i want but i don't really need is: Abayas
Something I need but i don't really want is: cant think of any

*do you...*

drink?: No.
have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: does a husband count :p
have a dream that keeps coming back?: no
believe there is life on other planets?: sometimes
read the newspaper?: yes
consider yourself tolerant of others?: ya
consider police a friend or foe?: close friends!!

and I tag: Farooha, W., Warda, & arab peral


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Friday, August 19, 2005

Allah Yir7amu

I woke up today with my husband receiving a call that my father's uncle passed away .. I was very cool at first ... Maybe because I cant imagine not seeing him again, and not hearing his voice calling me & hugging me saying: Oh dear me .. oh dear me ..

My grandfather Salim, was one of a kind... Although he didn't have children of his own, everyone considered him as their father. He always makes sure he touches a person's heart with his generosity & care.

My mom was just saying yesterday, that he was the bond of my father's family .. He always made sure to gather them all in his house .. We had lunch in his house at eid and any other occasions .. He always made sure to invite the extended family, those who we meet once a year only at his house.

When he goes to mosque, and meets a new neighbor or a person whose new to the area .. He would bring them to his house for coffee .. In Eid, he used to go to all the houses in the village to meet up with them ..

all these flash backs keep coming to my mind, and it hurts whenever I realize that I wont be seeing him again ..

May Allah grant him the highest level of Janat ilfirdaws .. Ameeeeen

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Take the test!!!

Mohammed suggested to SBG to take Multiple Intellegence test , so I thought I could have a look at it and see the outcome .. and here were my results:

The Seven Intelligence Areas

Linguistic: 5

Logical-Mathematical: 6

Spatial: 5

Bodily-Kinesthetic: 7

Musical: 3

Interpersonal: 9

Intrapersonal: 6

A Short Definition of your Highest Score

Interpersonal - the ability to organize people and to communicate clearly what needs to be done, to use empathy to help others and to solve problems, to discriminate and interpret among different kinds of interpersonal clues, and to influence and inspire others to work toward a common goal. Possible vocations that use the interpersonal intelligence include administrator, manager, politician, social worker, doctor, nurse, therapist, teacher, sociologist, psychologist, psychotherapist, consultant, charismatic leader, politician, and evangelist.

Therefore, I think I am working on the right field .. I work in Human Resources which includes lots of interations with people :)


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While being bored last night, I decided to start searching other blogs that have something in common with my profile .. and being me, who adores Oman .. I started searching for blogs that have Oman in thier profile ..

I came across many blogs, 20+. However, many of them dont belong to the Oman I know, Oman thats on the middle east. I think there is more than one Oman :p

anyway, to cut the story short .. I came across this blog
Zayed Al-Saidi (Arabic Blog) and I was impressed .. most of Omani blogs are in english, and it makes those who want to write in arabic change thier mind because few people would visit and comment. This is a pure Arabic blog .. mostly a technical one .. with other posts here and there .. I liked it, even though its has a simple layout .. I think the content is quite rich ..

Well done bro Zayed .. I am becoming a frequent vistor of your blog :)


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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Something is wrong!!!

Some how my self confindence is very low at this paticular phase of my life .. and its affecting me especially at work!!

It starts with speaking english, whenever I feel that the person I am talking to speaks good english my english goes lower than bad .. I dont seem to find the right words and I cant make 1 proper sentence right .. the funny part is that when I speak to a person whos english isnt that good it doesnt go this way. moreover, when I speak to a group (if we were in a meeting or something) I dont get that nervous and my english is better .. I guess I am scared of personal confrontation!!

Then, I am a person who remmbers what I did and what I didnt .. once someone starts making an accusation at work I start getting nervous or worried .. even if I wasnt to be blamed .. as if I am expecting someone to start accusing me too!!

I am not like this, I was a strong person (at least at the outside) .. I never showed a person that I am weak .. but right now its showing and I hate it!!!

I just hope this wouldnt last long coz I hate the new me :(


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Friday, August 12, 2005

my bro wants to be like me!!

I was really flattered!! my youngest bro (Nasser) just said a while a go, that he thinks he will grow up to be like me ..

at first, I thought it was just the normal division thing that we have at home (between my mom's tribe and my fathers) but no, he completed his sentence to say that he would like to be like me because he likes my personality!!

WOOW .. coming from this13 year old boy .. who I beleive is one of the smartest and well informed boys in Oman (and no not because he is my bro, he just reads alots esp. about history, if I have any history question I go back to him!!) .. its just so flattering .. I just hope one day when I have my own kids they would say something like this :D


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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ree7 ILJana - Turkey Al-Hamed

Alhamdulilah I finally finished reading Ree7 Iljana ..
I think I was just lucky that I got the book from Bahrain, I noticed this small stall of a bookshop in Seaf Mall in Bahrain on my last hours there .. and being me I started begging my husband that we stop maybe I would find something intresting .. and oh my god .. there were like 10s of books that I wanted to buy .. so I had to choose randomly .. there were a number of Turkey Al-Hamed's stories (one of my faviourate writers), but I couldnt get all of them .. so I had to choose .. and I chose randomly .. something about the title pulled me .. and I wasnt mistaken .. it was such an intresting book ..

"book spoiler, if you want to read the book without knowing whats in it, dont read below"

It was a story about 9/11 ... I think it was such a courages attempt to start writing something like this .. because everyone witnessed the day, so he has many boundries to worry about when writing .. albeit that, he wrtoe the book wounderfully ..

He took it from the mind of the arab terriorists ... how did they live thier lives before doing what they did .. and how they rationalised what they did .. how they thought it might be the truth that has no other .. reading his "ihda2" .. you realise that he doesnt agree with they did .. but at the same time, you dont feel his personal opinion affecting the story line .. he narrate it as he imagined it to be. The charchters were loveable .. you love them even that you know that they did what they did .. thats intresting by itself!!

I came out of the story experience with even more respect for Turky Al-Hamad ..


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Sunday, August 07, 2005

can we stop being judged?

After reading a long arguments I read in Mahmood Yousef's Blog thats discussing if a person can be judged for not wearing Hijab .. these thoughts came to me..

Before I start my thoughts, I would like to point one thing .. I am aginst a person being judged .. however, as a realist I beleive its impossible .. if you live in a society and choose to go aginst it, wether you like it or not will be judged ..

another thing, this is not a disucssion wetther Hijab is fardh in Islam or not .. coz to me thats not a question, to others it is I know but its up to them ..

Any way, why a person is judged when they do something out of the norm of that certain society? its basicly because the person decided to differ than that society .. and in every society no matter how advanced it is, people are judged with different things .. for example, in our society (I mean the gulf one in general) a girl might be judged for not wearing Hijab .. while if the same girl went to USA or UK and wore the Hijab she might get judged for wearing it this time!!

every human being want everyone to be like them .. the people of a certain society would feel more comfortable if everyone decided to follow the same way of life they follow .. it makes it less easier for them to raise thier kids the way they want, and mingle with people who think simmiler to them ..

In the past, that perfect society where everyone lived to think the same way exsited .. now, because the world is getting simmiler and every person have access to what other people do and how they live .. it became easier to adopt other ways of life .. however, the same people of the society still existed .. and they still want to live in the area where everyone thinks and lives like them .. so they start judging those who decided to be different .. in order to outcast them from the society and they continue to live thier perfect one ..

from the point of view of the other party, who decided to go on thier life differently, they realise that its thier right to be different .. they have thier own will and they want to practice it ..
But then, they should understand that they cant change the society in one night .. people have been thinking this way for long, and to change them it takes time!!
So, if they decided to pick a way different than the society, they should expect to be judged .. unfair I know but its not something easily changed .. and if you have the courage to go a different way than the society then you have the courage to expect the reaction that comes from it.


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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

New Futoon!!

I was flipping the new "free" weekly newspaper "Futoon" ..

I must admit I was impressed with the articles .. they are not hot news related but social .. something that attracts me much ..

They are heading to where they should .. people complain that they cant openly talk about issues .. but I dont think so .. people are just using that excuse .. If they are talking constructivly about issues they would never cross the redlines .. talk objectivly taking that postives and negatives in mind .. nothing is just bad!! there is a positive side of each side even if we fail to see it .. same as there is a bad side of everything good even if we fail to see it..

Congrats to Alwatan for thier new addition and well done Omani journalisim!


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