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Monday, June 27, 2005

I've been tagged

Wooooooooow, for the first time I've been tagged by the great Princesses from Saudi Farooha: & Darama of life:
I didnt know what being tagged means until they tagged me :D

- Number of books I own: I dont know, but I would certainly love to own more :p

- Last book I read: well this is one difficult question, the last few weeks, I have been moving from book to another without completing it or concentrating fully on it .. my mind was very occupied .. but let me say the last book I remmber reading (didnt complete it yet) is 7ikayat 7ub by Ghazi Al-Qusaibi

-Five books that mean a lot to me:
1- Shaqat Al-7uriya by Ghazi Al-Qusaibi .. I think I first read when I was around 16 .. I was fascinated with life when studying abroad ..and it was talking about that.

2- Juro7 Al-Thakira .. Turkey Al-Hamed. I borrowed this story from my cousin. started reading few pages and wasn't intrested .. and left it in the drawer .. then after few months, I was bored so thought of compeleting the story and wow it was an amazing one mashallah!

3-Stories by Qmasha Al-Alyan .. she writes about social life and her stories are touching

4-Shubuhat 7awl Il-Islam- mohammed Qutub ... I think anyone willing to discuss Islam with non muslims should read this book. It helps you answer many questions you might be asked, and also clear doubts you might sometimes have.

5- Mirage, Sohier Khashouggi .. although I dont beleive that all what she said happens in Saudi (she doesnt call is Saudi she calls it "ilrimal") but it was a touching story ..

-The book I am reading since long but could not finish: Lots actually :p told you these days I am just in the mood of now finishing books :D

alright, I tag: Namika, Tia, Warda, Enigma, Crazy & Raed


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Saturday, June 25, 2005


همست خفقات قلبي بصوت يأن حزنا .. بصوت يحكي الكثير .. لفتني ظلمة حالكة .. ليست ظلمة ليلة لم تكن قمرية .. بل ظلمة الأشجان التي تصر أن تردد ألحانها الميتة .. ألحانها التي لا يسمعها أحد إلا أنا ..
أحاول أن اترجم ما بداخلي لأنقله للناس .. ولو صرخة شكوى واحدة وان كانت خافتة .. أحاول أن أكتب .. وأن أعبر ما تتناقله خلجات نفسي .. ولكنها تأبى أن تتكلم وتصر أن تظل بصمتها القاتل والذي سأكون اول ضحية له!ـ


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Friday, June 24, 2005

Omani Bloggers Logo

oman blog logo

Inspired by our fellow Saudis, who made a saudi blog logo, I tried something and thought it would be great if we Omani Bloggers share it.

The pic is there, please feel free to come up with a better designed one as I am bad in it, I just thought I will have one as a start :)


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Souk (Suq) of Oman!!!

Excellent website, I think its a great move and an excellent way to sell Omani products on the WWW. :)

When you browse through the Suq content, you find different products from Omani dishdasha, abbaya, stamps, dolls, .. and most interestingly, Omani tours!!

Few weeks back, I was in a course and there were some people from other countries, I wanted to look for tours that are for a day that could take them to some where close to Muscat and see different sides of Oman .. Sadly I didn't know of this Souk in order to suggest some of its products, but now I know and would suggest it to those who visit Oman :)

I just love creative ideas :)


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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Why do we read?

two days back I attended a presentation about the 7 havits of the most effective people ..
In his presentation, he asked us not to take notes. apparantly, when we engage our conious mind into an activity, it doesnt have a huge memory like our uncounious mind. This is why, when we read a book we get 20% of its content .. while if we see the same content in a movie, or a presentation or even heared it on tape, we could reach to 80%!!

so I kept on woundering, if thats the case what makes us continue to read? is it the information we get out of the book? if it was the reason, then we could get as much information in a tape or a presentation!

Is it the enjoyment? well we certainly enjoy visuals more than words..

so what is it, that makes us attached to reading books??

PS. Biology was my best subject at school, and it was because the teacher banned us from writing notes during the class and asked to concentrate only on her teaching, and I admit that her method is effective. So I guess, the theory is quite right :)


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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Omantel Shares

All the country is going hyper about Omantel's shares that started to be issued this week.I was very excited about buying some too, after all there is a gurntee raise in price.

But then, today two people at work started telling me how it might be haram buying shares from Omantel and that there is a fatwa about it.It got me worried, I am very concerned about putting my money in an haram thing because I beleive it takes away baraka.

So now I am really confused ..

you see, I totally agree that bank intrest are haram, no matter how people try to polish it. It comes from Loans given to people in need and they take intrest from it.

Then, I beleive shares are totally halal as a basis .. it really depends where you buy the shares in.

Omantel origional business it halal .. they provide telecom services ..

why people are thinking it could be haram, is because Omantel puts its money in banks where it takes intrest from. So, that means omantel deals with intrest.

Some people came and argued that means people who get thier salaries from there are getting haram money too. (thats too extreme in my opinion, wallahu allam)

So now I am torn!! I really dont want to miss such an oppertunity, but at the same I want to make sure my money is halal!

aghhh ..
I think I better buy a land in Al-Amerat instead with the money I wanted to invest in MSM :(


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Friday, June 10, 2005

My Firsts ...

Inspired by Tia's Blog = I thought of trying to list of things that I remmber ..

First ..

# Long trip for holiday was to UK when I was 8, I remmber feeling as if I reached the moon.

# School was called "thalatha wa 3shreen youlyo" in salalah

# Day at school I felt so lost, I kept on taking my bag with me even during break time.

# Story was called " al um al khati2a- the wronged mother" it made my mom think if she had done something wrong to me :p

# Car I've driven was ford taurus. I really admire how much that car stod strong with all my roughness !!

# car I owned (and the one I still use) is ford focus a gift from my dad :)

# best friend was a girl from salalah, she has the cleanest heart ever .. she contacted me after 6 years of losing contact.

# camera I bought with my own money was Yashika

# Mobile phone was ericssion GH 337

# pet (and actually the Real only pet) was a parrot .. dad called her ma7booba (by mahbooba and mabrooka kuwaiti series)

# Time I felt really responsible was on the day my family had an accident. I was the only one allowed in to see my mom and talk to her .. and everyone was hugging me and telling me I should be patient.

ok those that I could come up with now, maybe later if I came up with more I would edit this post :D


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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Negativity kills!!!

It kills me!!!

I like to be a realist who try to see the real situation .. yet I always lean on the positive side. Something that helps me to go forward in my life but sometimes (though I dont necesserly agree with them) it could alienate me from whats happening around me.
Well I am not naive .. I know that life isnt perfect, and things dont go as we like always .. but thyat dosent stop me from looking at the bright side of every situation!!

giving an example, if a manager says: I want you to beleive that you can be the CEO of this company.

Personaly, I would think that its a great way to motivate people. Yah it might not be realistic to think you can actually be a CEO. But if you have a high goal like that, you would work hard to acheive something in your career.

another person would think: who is he kidding!!! why is he treating us like kids!! we will never be CEOs in this company.
I think thats a killer!! it justs stops you where you are and wouldnt allow you to proceed in your career.

I am stubornly a postivists .. its just much much easier to live life that way!!


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Day Dreaming?

How many of you guys day dream?? I do it continiously, daily, even maybe every minute .. I could easily be drifted in the busiest crowd to my own world .. a place where I imagine people, occasions, stories and sometimes people I didnt even see.

It could start by song, a poem I read, a word somoene says .. or just like that out of no where!

Is it healthy to day dream?! I see it healthy at times because it takes you away from the harsh reality that you might be living .. while at other times, it could be dangrous because you dont know when to stop.

Can I control day dreaming? at the situation I am right now I totally cant .. I could be driving and switched on the radio and a nice song comes up and boom I am out of this world and I suddly see my self close to home. Its not something I call, or do in purpose, it happens just like this.

Anyway, I guess I've been day dreaming alot lately which caused me to be away from my lovely blog for so long :p


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