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Thursday, August 30, 2007

المذاهب: أي منها في الجنة؟!!ـ

كلما قرأت كتاباً عن أي من المذاهب يذكر هذا الحديث عن الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول:ـ"ستتفرق أمتي إلى ثلاث وسبعين فرقة كلها في النار إلا واحدة" ـ ، والمضحك المبكي أن كل المذاهب تعتقد أنها الفرقة الناجية!ـ
لا أعرف وضع الحديث وقوته ولكني سأسلم أنه حديث صحيح، فهل هذا يعني أن جماعة كبيرة من المسلمين تدخل النار لمجرد أنها تتبع المذهب الخطأ؟

هل يعقل أن يعاقب أناس إجتهدوا ليؤسسوا هذه المذاهب وإن كانت إجتهادتهم خاطئة؟ ألم يقول رسول الله فيما معناه أن المجتهد إن أصاب فله أجران وإن أخطأ فله أجر؟ ألا يعني هذا أن جميع المذاهب بإختلافاتها إن كانت تعكس أساسيات الإسلام فهي فرقة ناجية؟

أسئلة كثير ة ما زالت تدور في ذهني وأنا أقرأ كتاب "من حقي أن أكون شيعية" لإمراءة سودانية تشيعت .. لا أمانع أ، يغير الإنسان فكره وأن يتبع مذهباً أخر إيماناً به ولكن ما أمانع أن يعتبر هذا التغيير هداية وأن ما يتبعه الأخرون ضلالة!ـ ..

لم أنتهي من قراءة الكتاب بعد .. ولكن هذه الأفكار إستفزتني لأكتب عنها .. وقد تكون لي عودة مع الكتاب مرة أخرى

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I was faced with a challenge today, someone needs to sign a document to be processed. That person was not around, and its an urgent matter ..I sent a message to two of my managers I will call them (A) and (B) .. since they are the only decision makers around.

The replies I got were

(1) A call from Manager (A) asking who is this (didn’t have my phone number) and asking what needs to be done. I gave him some solutions and he said he will try to do something

(2) a reply message from manager (B) saying: why didn’t you finish the work earlier, good luck!!

Tell me, which manager you would like to report to?


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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Two days on sick leave, and look at the number of calls I get??!!! .. no wounder I hate picking the phone when I am at home!!


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Sunday, August 19, 2007

10 Things I love

My dearest Sama Oman tagged me and I promised once I am back I will answer the tag .. so here it is:

1- Without a surprise to many of you, of course it my OMAN .. I love Oman to bits!!

2- Writing .. even though its torture sometimes, but its something I loved doing the past ..emm ..20 years?!!

3- Internet .. I cant deny that I am an Internet addict .. I wooed into this world in the late 90s and I just cant get enough of it .. of course it has its ups and downs and some privacy challenges .. but I am not that big on privacy anyway :p .. I think the World Wide Web has given me so many chances to just fill the curiosity in me ..

4- Reading .. Like the internet, a book takes you away especially if its a magical one .. I find peace in a bookshop or the book exhibition more than a clothes shop (I know many women find that strange)!!

5- Cooking .. this came to a surprise to me actually .. I started learning how to "really" cook when I went abroad for university .. and it turned out fun!! I like making my own versions of recipes .. I dont like sticking to whats written .. I am creative that way :p

6- Debating .. but it has to be a good meaningful one .. I love spending time around those who have knowledge and are good in bringing out their ideas ..

7- TV .. I hate that I love this actually, but I cant deny that I enjoy watching TV .. especially if there are good TV series !!

(This is turning harder than I thought, I need to find 3 more things I love!!!!)

8- Sociology .. I just love the study of socity and how human beings interact with each other

9- My laptop .. its becoming my best friend!

10- (Finally!) Travelling .. its so much fun knowing about a place first hand instead of Hearing about it!

I tag: Catsim .. Layal .. anyone isnt tagged already?!!


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Back .. or not?

Ok I decided to come back .. because I miss my fans (it just feels good saying it :p) and because in order to get out of this lazy blocked mind of mine, I need to write anything .. anything .. so bare with me until I get into shape again :)

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