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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bloggers Day against aggression in ME

كلنا مع لبنان وفلسطين ضد إسرائيل والمحتلين

We are with Lebanon and Palestine against Israel and occupiers

Nous sommes avec tous le Liban et la Palestine contre l’Israel et les occupants

Alle wir sind mit dem Libanon und Palästina gegen Israel und Besatzer

Somos todos con Líbano y Palestina contra Israel e inquilinos




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Saturday, July 22, 2006

أطلب مشاركتكم

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رواد مدونتي الأعزاء
لي طلب بسيط واتمنى أن لا تردوني فيه .. الصورة توضح مسابقة تعدها الوطن للإبداع الفكري بمناسبة مسقط عاصمة للثقافة .. فكرت المشاركة بإحدى القصص التي كتبتها .. وبما أني أعتبر قصصي كأولادي لا أستطيع تفضيل واحدة على أخرى .. أدعوكم لزيارة مدونتي
وإختيار قصة واحدة وكتباة إختياركم في صفحة التعليقات هنا .. وسوف أشارك بالقصة التي يفضلها الأغلبية
(My english readers,
There a story writing competiton that is arranged by one newspaper here, and I asked the readers of this blog to choose from my other blog one story and I will enter the competeion with the most voted story. )


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Random thoughts

Its intresting how when you are away from the news and the world around you, you feel as if everything is alright .. all the wars and the problems that are in the world have ended!

I was in the village last two days, and since we dont have a tv in our house there.. I did not hear about whats going around and I forgot even for a little while whats happening in Lebenon and Palastine.

I was sitting with my husband's grandma there, and there was a newspaper with a pic showing a city in lebenon being bombed. So I told her, look at this picture there is a war in lebenon. She started asking and then all of a sudden started crying thinking about the kids and the mothers being killed. She started praying for them to be safe and end this fast. Amen to that!

I guess many times, ignorance is a bliss!!

I needed this visit, I guess I am less emoitional now .. Tommorow is first day at work .. I want more holidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays


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Saturday, July 15, 2006

May Allah give them Victory

(Allah Akbbar, Allah is the greatest)

I am trying to comprehend whats happening, and what Israel is doing but I cant. Its just too much, its so brutal.

I made a promise to myself some time back not to talk about politics because its just so disgusting. You never can make up whats true and whats just a lie especially with the media thats existed today. But my Muslim and Arabic blood has been really boiling since yesterday. I cant watch tv and not react. Its just wrong what Israel is doing.
The logic they have, HezbAllah took two soldiers so we would take the whole of lebenon ? Is it just crazy or I dont understand the current logic anymore?
or its that any Israeli Zinoist blood is much more important than any Arab Blood? they could die, the world doesnt need them .. but oh god forbid, an Israli cant be killed .. the world should go upside down!!

Because I dont understand this logic, and because I realise that the time to use logic and diplomatic has gone. and because its enough how much we have bowed our heads down and they continue to kill and destory, I give my full support to HezboAllah. I just pray they know what they are doing and they would show Israel a lesson it wont forget. May Allah give them victory... Ameen!


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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Holiday Report :)

Now that I am finally back, I think its time to let the people who have been visiting this blog regularly and make me draw a smile whenever I check my blog. Special thanks are to Jeff (for leaving your footprints), Sama and Nash

I will report on my holiday according to the places I visited because its easier to remember this way. I will try to include pictures of the places whenever I can.


Glasgow has the mixture of modernity along with old buildings and atmosphere. It’s a wonderful city and according to everyone it’s the best place to shop (and shopping is important for women! :p ). The best street to shop in is called (Buchanan Street, or how my cousin calls it Bu kan3an an arabic name :) )

Weather there is quite cold. It rained the few days we were there and I forgot to bring a heavy jacket with me so I suffered a week without something heavy until I decided I should buy a shawl. It was a good change though from the heat of Muscat J

My cousin’s graduation was in a week time, so until then we took the chance to visit other places in England.

Princess Square ;)

Bu Kan3an Street


My cousin took us to there .. Its an old city with a lot of history in it. Its very interesting to see old and modern get along together very well. We visited Camera obscurer. It’s a number of mirrors reflecting the city and apparently the guy who built it used to spy on the city by it .. it was fun

We also got a drawing by a caricature artist in the street .. people started stopping by and laughing when we were being drawn .. it was fun.

One thing that was very impressive there is the central mosque .. it is clean and very well maintained. Even cleaner than many mosques here in Oman L

Scottish Romance :)

Guess who?!!!


We drove to Leicester from Glasgow. It was such a good experience especially with had the company of a GPS lady. It was fun making fun of her but she got us good. Instead of a 5 hours drive we took around 7 hours to reach there.

Leicester is a small town. The good thing is that there are a big Muslim community here which makes it easier to find halal meat. My relative who lives here tells me she its very comfortable to live there.

Alton Towers:

Now here where the fun is. We went to Alton towers theme park and it was FUN! We went on all the scary rides and got to scream all the stress away J


Oh London .. it was such a nice place to visit for a day but I wouldn’t want to live there. We took the tour bus which took us to all the places in London. We also visited Madame Taussade museum and we met all the celebrity there. They also have the Live Seriall killers section .. oh god that was something. You walk in a dark corridor and you get people with blood and cuts on their face coming to you and screaming at you . I was just screaming and holding tight to my husband. I was really really frightened even when I knew they were faking it.

Then we went to oxford street and we met the arab community there. Its funny that every step you take you will find an arab .. its like you are in an arab country J


London Bridge


We visited the city center in Nottingham. I liked the city. Its spacious and organized.
My husband insisted on visiting Robin hood place coz he liked him so much as a kid.. it was a good place but I think kids would have enjoyed it more ..


I have lots of memories in this city. I first visited it when I was 8 years old since my dad had a course in UK and we have family there so we went to stay with them. I went on remembering the places I went and interesting that my memory did not fail me much. The funny part is that I found lots of things smaller than before. The road we used to take to go to the shop is shorter. But the buildings and the area around it is still the same.

Geneva ( Swiss. ):

It’s a small city by the lake. This is as simple as it could be. But its lovely with good shopping to do in it. Its also like the movies, every corner you go through you would find music and you would start wondering where is the music from. It’s a musicians playing in one of the corners.

We went to see the snow in a mountain called Zermat. The top hill is called Matterhorn. Its funny how down the sun is burning hot but when you go up the snow is still there!!.

Snow in Summer!!

Back to Oman:

And finally we came back to Oman .. I really enjoyed my trip and though it was hectic at times, moving from one place to another but I guess that what made it fun. But Alhamdulilah I am back to beautiful Oman that I missed so much J


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Sunday, July 09, 2006

أعرف أنني تأخرت في كتابة أي شيء جديد .. ولكن كون الجديد قد يتأخر قليلا .. أحببت أن أشارككم هذه القصيدة النثرية الجميلة لنزار قباني:ـ

ماذا أقول له لو جاء يسألني..
إن كنت أكرهه أو كنت أهواه؟
ماذا أقول إذا راحت أصابعه
تلملم الليل عن شعري وترعاه؟
غدا إذا جاء ..أعطيه كل رسائله
ونطعم النار أحلى ماكتبناه
حبيبتي ! هل أنا حقا حبيبته؟
وهل أصدق بعد الهجر دعواه؟
أما انتهت من سنين قصتي معه؟
ألم تمت كخيوط الشمس ذكراه؟
أما كسرنا كؤوس الحب من زمن
فكيف نبكي على كأس كسرناه؟
رباه أشياءه الصغرى تعذبني
فكيف أنجو من الأشياء أواه
أحبه لست أدري ما أحب به
حتى خطاياه ما عادت خطاياه
الحب في الأرض بعض من تخيلنا
لو لم نجده عليها .. لاخترعناه
ماذا أقول له لو جاء يسألني
إن كنت أهواه
إني ألف أهواه

..نزار قباني

أحب البيت المميز باللون الأحمر .. فكثيراً ما يحصل .. نتخيل الحب كما نريد وليس كما هو في الحقيقة


This a Nizar Qabani Poem. Nizar is a syrian poet who is famous with contemprary arabic love poems.

What should I tell him if he came asking me,
If I hated him or loved him?
What would I say if his fingers
went tiding the night in my hair?
Tommorow when he comes, I will give him all his letters
and we will feed the fire the best of what we wrote
His Love, is it true I am his love?
and do I beleive after leaving me his calling?
Didnt my story end years back?
Didnt his memory died like sun light?
Didnt we break the love glasses long back,
how can we cry for a glass we broke?
God, his little things touture me
Oh how can I survive those things
I love, I dont know what I love in him
Even his mistakes are not his anymore
Love in this earth is a bit of our imganiation
If we did not find it that way, we would have invented it
What should I say if he came asking me
If I loved him?
I thousend times love him!!

I just love the part in red, its so true!!


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