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Saturday, June 07, 2008

and the waiting starts ...

I've finally reached my 9th month. Yesssssssssss! I made it this far .. and now the wait starts for the big day !

I have a mixture of suspense, fear and excitment all inside me .. I want to be done and see the little kicker .. but god whenever I hear of the process of him coming out .. I want him to just stay inside and relax!!

Speaking of him, somehow I cant get the idea that I am definatly having a boy out of my head .. we didnt want to know, but something inside assurs me its a boy even though everyone looking at my tummy, or my face tells me its a girl. If it turned out to be a girl, then my dear sweeet girl I am so sorry .. I didnt mean to feel different than you are and I would love you so so so very much too :)

A7madinooo has been asking me to write about the feeling of the father .. and I apologise for not doing so .. I dont know why writing was the last thing in mind since I got pregnant .. maybe because its easier for me to write about something sad than writing about something happy. I will compensate that a7madinoo by writing about how he felt after he held the baby in his hands. I am expecting him to speak more about that than how is experssing his happeniess now. Now, all what he keeps saying is: when is this boy coming out, I want him to take some of the burdens off me :p

Thanks all who kept visiting this blog even when it was quite and empty .. you are the ones who I write this blog for .. coz at least you care to read even nonesense from a pregnant lady :p

Any way, just thought of updating since I know I won't be updating for long .. or maybe not? maybe I will come running to this place when I am tired for the young singer :)


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