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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Welcome to Motherhood!

About a month back (34 days precisely), I entered a new stage in my life .. a new experience .. no one could prepare you to what to expect even the experts in this field .. because every experience is unique!


On 2nd of July, I received Allah's gift .. after a cesarean. I would lie to you if I said that I felt that I am a mom instantly. In fact, even after a month, there are times when I am the old me, wanting to spend few hours for me doing what I like and not caring about any one around. Except, I am always reminded by the cries of Baby Azzan.
I think motherhood comes gradually. For example, now when I am having my lunch and Azzan is sleeping in the room .. I keep checking on him all the time .. thinking he might be fussing over a dirty diaper or he might want his lunch too! I think it will take time until I am 100% a mother :p

Azzan, the name:

People keep asking, why did I choose the name. Well actually lots of names were suggested by me and my husband, some I liked and some he liked .. Azzan was one of the few names that we both liked. I liked its sound, and the meaning comes from dignity if I can interpret it right "3izza-3az al shay2 - fahwa 3azzan".
It was also the name of a very famous Omani Imam (Azzan bin Qais). he was known by his justice. Inshallah Azzan takes some of his characters !!

Um Qusai, the Blog:

After having Azzan, lots of people started asking, why didn’t I call him Qusai. Well it was a name I liked and I was hoping to call him Qusai, but I guess it wasn’t written and he was destined to be called Azzan.
Now, I started thinking .. should I change the blog's name to Azzan's name. Azzan's mom's part, saying yes I should since he is my first son. But, the old me .. dont want to change it. Qusai has been there with me for so long .. he was my imaginary son. I will be so cruel if I just changed it because I had the real one. Till now, I didnt take a decision .. so the blog will remain Umqusai's thoughts until further notice :)

Here are few thoughts that came into mind and wanted to share it with you. I miss blogging and interacting with my fellow bloggers, but its not easy especially when I am still at my parents house (I have my grandma asking me to pick up the crying baby and leave the laptop aside while I am tempted to ignore the cries :p ). However, I am here to read your comments and reply to them .. so do comment :)

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