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Friday, October 26, 2007

Majlis Al Shura - Oman Consultative Council

Tomorow is our Shura (Consultitive) Sixth Round Election Day. Evey Omani and Omania above the age of 21 is allowed to vote for anyone in the willaya (state) they are reigistered in. You need to register yourself a voter few months back in the willaya you belong to first. Every willaya is going to have one representative except for few (who have more than 30,000 residents exp. Mudhaibi, Suwaiq..etc).

I beleive its the duty of every Omani to vote for anyone who they see fit. I understand many dont beleive in the council and question what do they actually do beside questioning minsters and government official in thier yearly public meeting. I have a strong beleive that although it might not have lots of authority today, but a step ahead is a step towards the right direction. Its enough that people are putting a little bit more thoughts on who they are going to vote for and why are they going to vote for them. People are starting to give a little bit importance of what the representative is going to do. Although, sometimes I dont agree on thier demands since most of thier demands are related to thier own benefits (a road for the certain willaya, a hospital, ..etc).
I believe we should put the Shura Representative in the big picture. What is he going to do for Oman? He should be a Representative from the Wilaya but to benefit Oman as a whole. He should be able to present concerns that come from every Omani not only the people form the Wilaya he belongs to.
It will take time till we reach that understanding. People are starting to question today why are they restricted to the willaya they are registered in. Today I was having this discussion with my cousin. I believe it should stay that way in the time being, because the person is representing the willaya currently and its not fair for the people in that willaya if anyone is allowed to vote for anyone. When the day comes, and the Representative is representing the whole country not only his willaya people.
Any way, tomorrow is the election day. I hope every Omani takes this seriously and consider voting. It means allowing you to contribute in the bigger picture, it might be a small contribution today .. but slowly I believe it will get bigger and bigger.

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