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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Employees Yesterday Vs Employees Today!!

Whenever I sit around a group of friends, those who work always have something to complain about their workplace, their organizations or their bosses. Basicly, no one is happy and everyone is looking forward to changing their organization and looking for another job. In addition, the amount of voluntary resignations in quite high every where.

If I look back at my parents generations, it was never that way. You would find that most employees stayed in their organizations for decades. The numbers, 20 years, 25 years and even 30 years is common.

What is the reason behind this? is it that availability of better paying jobs and more challenging ones? in the past most organizations used to be owned by government so the pay was quite equal within them, or at least not very different. Is it that our generation is not patient enough to stay in one organization and once we are faced with the first challenge we think of changing the workplace instead of working on it?

Is this healthy? to some extent from the country's economy side I think it is. The competition to attract the best employees means better pays which means a higher living standered. But from the private sector's perspective, the operating cost gets higher because they will have to pay higher to have good employees.

I guess its part of the country's development and we should look it positively.


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