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Sunday, August 19, 2007

10 Things I love

My dearest Sama Oman tagged me and I promised once I am back I will answer the tag .. so here it is:

1- Without a surprise to many of you, of course it my OMAN .. I love Oman to bits!!

2- Writing .. even though its torture sometimes, but its something I loved doing the past ..emm ..20 years?!!

3- Internet .. I cant deny that I am an Internet addict .. I wooed into this world in the late 90s and I just cant get enough of it .. of course it has its ups and downs and some privacy challenges .. but I am not that big on privacy anyway :p .. I think the World Wide Web has given me so many chances to just fill the curiosity in me ..

4- Reading .. Like the internet, a book takes you away especially if its a magical one .. I find peace in a bookshop or the book exhibition more than a clothes shop (I know many women find that strange)!!

5- Cooking .. this came to a surprise to me actually .. I started learning how to "really" cook when I went abroad for university .. and it turned out fun!! I like making my own versions of recipes .. I dont like sticking to whats written .. I am creative that way :p

6- Debating .. but it has to be a good meaningful one .. I love spending time around those who have knowledge and are good in bringing out their ideas ..

7- TV .. I hate that I love this actually, but I cant deny that I enjoy watching TV .. especially if there are good TV series !!

(This is turning harder than I thought, I need to find 3 more things I love!!!!)

8- Sociology .. I just love the study of socity and how human beings interact with each other

9- My laptop .. its becoming my best friend!

10- (Finally!) Travelling .. its so much fun knowing about a place first hand instead of Hearing about it!

I tag: Catsim .. Layal .. anyone isnt tagged already?!!


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