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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Random Thoughts

I have been trying to update my blog for a while but whenever I have an idea and try to post it I change my mind .. for some reason I cant put my thoughts together .. I guess I need another holiday :p

Yes, I went to Malaysia last month, and then to Brunei (my second country :p ) it was a very nice trip .. I didn't want to come back, because coming back means going back to work .. I feel I didn't have enough rest !!

The pic on the left is form the strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands in Malaysia .. I just loved how those three strawberries are blooming .. especially that the rest of the pots don't have strawberries in them .. so it looks like they are surviving !

Another thing that happened recently is that our TV burnt (or whatever happened inside it, I really don't know!) .. anyway so we were out of TV for a week .. and god it was a hard week ,, although I don't watch TV much .. but still I missed it!!

The past few days there was a documentary about life in Zanzibar .. it was really useful .. I love Oman's history .. and this was showing a part that I always wondered about .. if you want to have a look visit this link:
(its in Arabic, but one of the people speaking in it is speaking in English .. so you can understand whats going on)

So, this is what have been happening in my life recently .. nothing much :)


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