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Sunday, February 13, 2005

My Dad, My Hero!!

I always think, what if I didnt become a person my kids would be proud of?

I am extremly proud of my dad .. he is litrely my hero! I remmber in my childhood, I beleived that my dad knew everything .. and how everything works. I would sit with him, and ask him how an air conditioning works, how does the car work and all.

I also beleived he knew everyone in Oman .. I was amazed when my friend invites me to her house. and my mom asks me whats the father name of my friend, and I tell them (my parents) my dad would tell me he knows him .. I would look at him proudly !

I remmber once, when I was in grade one .. I had to make a "law7a" for school .. I asked my dad to drow me a pic of a man fishing .. I vaguly remmber the pic now .. but I remmber going proudly to my friends telling them my dad drew this for me!

There was a song by Abdul wahab .. it goes like " dilwa2ti bas a3raf '7ada3ooni 2albi wi 3naya, ili inkatab fe 2albi .. khalas li '3airi mush liya" .. he would sing it when I choose to go somewhere with mom instead of him .. and I would start crying when he sings it .. and he hugs me and allow me to go with my mom :)

I love you dad, and really you are making it hard for me to be a parent because I will always want my kids to look at me the same way they look at you!!


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