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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Day Dreaming?

How many of you guys day dream?? I do it continiously, daily, even maybe every minute .. I could easily be drifted in the busiest crowd to my own world .. a place where I imagine people, occasions, stories and sometimes people I didnt even see.

It could start by song, a poem I read, a word somoene says .. or just like that out of no where!

Is it healthy to day dream?! I see it healthy at times because it takes you away from the harsh reality that you might be living .. while at other times, it could be dangrous because you dont know when to stop.

Can I control day dreaming? at the situation I am right now I totally cant .. I could be driving and switched on the radio and a nice song comes up and boom I am out of this world and I suddly see my self close to home. Its not something I call, or do in purpose, it happens just like this.

Anyway, I guess I've been day dreaming alot lately which caused me to be away from my lovely blog for so long :p


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