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Monday, May 09, 2005

Humans complicate issues!!

Two days back, I had some kind of conflict at work. Me, and my boss somehow accused one of my employees of something he didnt do. We were proven wrong.

I started apologising to my employee because I think I did a mistake. my employee was shocked and hurt. He is an EXCELLENT employee and I know that such an incedent would affect his morale.

My employee didnt accpet the apology. Well he accepted it from me but he was insistant that he would go and complain about my boss to a higher authority. I stayed for around 2 hours trying to persuade him not to do it and kept on apologising to him. I also went to my boss and asked him to apologise to my employee just to calm him down and my boss refused insisting that what lead us to accuse him in the first place was a mistke from our team (we didnt get our papers organized) .

What annoyed most, is that both side refused to calm down and think of the bigger picture instead of insisting they are right. Ok, I admit we did a mistake, but it happens .. he should have moved on after I aplogise to him. My boss should have taken the easy step and apologised to him. Why each side kept on pulling away?!!

I just realise that humans are complicated. They like to see things go thier way and any other way is wrong and wouldnt make them happy.

I just wish people would see things simpler!! "I know its an idealist thought, but I think its could be implemented if people didnt think of themselves only"


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