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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

How to add friend's blogs list to your blog ..

Daddymark asked this in the shout box, so thought of giving out the steps to help him out:

Its very easy .. First you need to go to the template of your blog, locate where exactly you want to put it. Example, if you want to put it under the shout box, locate the link to your shout box, and after the code end of your shout box you should paste this:

<*div class="sidetitle"> Blogs I Visit <*div class="side"><*ul id="recently">The name you want to give to your friend's blog<*/a><*br><*a

Note that:
- wherever there is a * u need to delete it .. I just put it there to disable the html code.
- I am not sure whats your blog template is, but with me .. side title is there because I have a certain code for my side title iteams
- I copied it stright from my blog template, there might be a code wrong here or there, so I guess if it didnt show the way you want, just play with codes for it to be the same way you want it.

Hope its easy to follow.


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