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Monday, April 11, 2005

"il3ayn" the energy of the Eye!!

I do beleive in the energy of the eye "3ain", because it happened to me .. but I dont really know how does it happen!!

is it that the eyes has some sport of energy, that could be passed just by looking at it??
For example, every Eid I wear lots of gold. Since my childhood, every eid one item would have to be cut somewhere without any pulling or breaking. Its beleived, that the gold takes away the energy of the "3ain" and so it protects the person.
My cousin was telling me, that when her mom is mad, the gold that she is wearing gets cut. again could it be the energy?!!

I remmber once I was sitting with a german lady in the airplane, we got talking and I told her about my bro's situation (head injury). My bro has spasim in his hands (it gets tight), so she was telling me that I could relax his hang by placing my hand on his arm and conentrating all my energy on it, a certain energy would pass from my hand to his and could relax his arm. I tried it, but it didnt work "maybe I didnt get it right".

what do you guys think? does the body has this sort of energy that could be transfered by a way or another and that could explain the "Eye" concept?


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