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Friday, April 01, 2005

The Last Emperor

Yesterday I watched a movie called "The Last Emperor" after my dad talked so much about it and made me intrested in it.

The movie was alright, but what I liked about is the history and life of The Last Emperor While watching it, few thoughts came to my mind:

A king is a king, a servant is a servant:

Well, the pervious sentence means that we cannot blame a person for being what he is. A king for example, is born to live a certain quality of life .. his whole experiences are of the best of the best quality of life. Few kings faced real hardship (aside from ruling a country which I think is the hardest job on earth). If a king dont know how to cook for example, we cant just think low of him because of that .. he simply didnt learn! (that was a simple example, but think around it).

Its the same when it come to a servant, because he was born and lived as one .. you cant expect him to be able to do things that he didnt learn to do.

I am not trying to bring classes or racisim here .. I am just trying to say, that we in this modern life try to judge people from our own experiences .. if I know how to read, how come my neighbour doesnt !! and blame them (or thier family) for that. While actually, its not thier fault.

What the future holds:

After watching how the did the life of the emperor turned from a person who owns everything, to a simple gardener, I have so much fear for my future.

I know, some of you would say .. dont worry so much, that was at a certain time, but I see stories around me. My own parents kept on telling me stories how did they live as children and how the hardship they encountered and warn us, that the coming years might be very simmiler to thier lives.

Yallah, may Allah protect our future (if we have more days to live) and make us follow his path .. Ameen.


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