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Friday, March 25, 2005

My Dream Last Night

I had an "entertaining" yet "disturbing" dream last night ..

My dream was that my husband was captured as a hostage in Iraq *and that during Saddam Hussien's rule*. As a faithful wife, my duty was to get him out of there .. so I did (the dream didnt have details how did we plan his escape). Any way, we were out there in Iraq running away from the gurds. It included lots of running, swimming in the water to hide from the gurds, running through resturants, and separating from my husband to run but meet him again somwhere in the lake. Iraq was beatiful!!! really with lots of lakes and fountains and gardens!!

anyway, the run ended in Oman's embassy in Iraq taking into account that no one is allowed to enter the diplomatic land of something like that.

I'd blame this dream on the book am reading about a wife and a husband writing thier diries when the husband was taken hostage in Iraq !


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