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Thursday, March 10, 2005

... and it was successful

The gathering is over .. and I had to write here how happy I was about it!!

I felt as I went back 3 years .. when all of us were still students .. it was such a wounderful feeling .. we kept on remmbering stories .. laughed and enjoyed the evening .. I wish if we could do it often!!

How young we were and the silly things we did .. and how the years have shaped us .. We also said that how the things that seemed so important to us once, thinking about them now it seemed so silly!! For example, we remmbered how in the first year we went to the embassy demanding to go back coz we cant take life there .. but at the end .. we lived it and enjoyed it :)

I was amazed to see "I" change .. his thinking totally changed, he calmed down from that rebelious young person .. "S" lost so much weight that it got me thinking I really need to do it .. "S" remained the same too .. our "faylasoof Abeh". Because I meet Ay & S occasionaly.. I didnt notice a difference.

It got me thinking too, how memories remain memories, you cant bring the moments that were the happiest in your life back no matter how many photos and videos you have .. they will always remain somthing you only "remmember"!


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