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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Being attached??

Its scares how you can be attached to a person so much that his/her presence means the world to you ..

when they are away, you feel lost and sad .. when they are there .. just in the same area as you are .. you feel content and happy ..

I know its wrong to be attached, but I cant help it!!
he means the world to me .. is is actually my world ! ... I could go into an ocean of tears just imagining life with0ut him ..

this is why I think love is painful with all the joy is brings.. its wounderful being in love, and when you and the loved one are having a happy life togther .. but its also painful to feel soo dependant on a person .. because the presence on that person means everything to you ..

but with all the pain and joy I am feel, I feel very blessed because I love him and I am being loved by him!

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