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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I have a problem and I need you guys to help !!!!!

Ok, now that I know who would be in my team at work they are 3 men and 1 lady ..

Now, 2 of the men are already working with me .. the other one has to move from another department.

today, the 2 guys (actually out of the insistance of one of them) called me for a meeting .. they were "warning" me about the 3rd guy and how much trouble he could be. Well I've dealt with that guy and I understand what they mean .. but I dont want to create a barrier before he comes.. I want to give him the benefit of the dought and see maybe he would change?!!

The 2 guys adviced me to show him some sort of power from the minute he comes because he says other than that it wouldnt work with him. I hate power .. I think it puts people in a defensive place .. I rather talk to thier mind instead.

so, now what shall I do? shall I go with what they say? or shall give him a chance??


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