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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Too dependent on systems!!!!!

On Wednesday, I kept on running "well not literally running, you get what I mean" after the purchasing guys to finish an order for an item we truly need on Saturday. My nerves were tight as it seems they were all taking their own sweet time. Until, 15 min before the end of the working day .. The guy comes to my office and tells me : "sorry, the system is down, we cant process your order".

What annoyed me, so what if the system isn't working!!! I don't know the procedures that are needed but I know that we as humans should think beyond the system. What a system could do, definitely we as humans can do!! Why didn't the person responsible just give out his signature or something!!

Is this is the computer curse?? We become so dependent on them that we cant move without them!! If this is the situation now, I just pray all save the future generation!!!


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