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Friday, April 08, 2005


Yesterday I was disucssing with my cousin about Moroccon "jalabias". We were discussing how a certain shop makes it so expensive and the reason is because its "hand made".

It got me thinking, why do we like stuff that are handmade??!! Lets face it, machine work is neater and comes in the exact shape you want it. What if there was a law that nothing should be hand made and all things would be done by machine, would it make the workers who spend a month doing something instead of 2 days by a machine, happier?! or it means we are depriving them of the right of selling thier stuff for a higher price?!

So, if I decided that I will not buy another hand made stuff because I dont want to make people who make them suffer and make it easier for them, am I harming them? does it also mean I am contributing on losing part of our culture?!!!!

am I putting much thought on something "ma yistahil"? :p I think I am :D


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