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Sunday, April 17, 2005

I need to lose weight!!!

Watching my uni pictures, my wedding pictures and all my old pictures .. I realize how fat I've become .. I really urgently need to lose weight !! But how!!!
My weight doesn't come from food, my food intake isn't that much esp on work days. But its mostly due to lack of exercising!!
I admit, with all my senses, that I don't enjoy exercises at all .. I could do it for a day, two .. Even couple of weeks .. But then eventually I would stop ..

I am trying to convince myself that exercising is enjoyable .. Its fun .. esp. If I found a good partener to go to the gym with .. but no, I cant get how can working out is fun .. I would just come exhausted, and would feel the need to sleep the whole day!

but I am determined .. Yesterday I was watching with my husband Opera and god! There were women who are two times double me and now are something I wouldn't dream to be ever! I just looked at my husband and said: so there is hope ha!!

I think who sees me with my husband would think we suit each other .. He has a cute kirsh "tummy" and I am wide .. What a good match :D

anyway, we've decided to join the same club together, which has a male gym and a women gym .. Hopefully I would continue my determination :)


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