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Monday, April 11, 2005

When you grow to love something...

I've spent almost 4 years there ... I learnet about people, society and even myself there. I can say it with all confidence: I love it!!

Although the palce has its ups and downs, what count there isnt the threads, the posts, the reps or the jokes. What keeps me going there is the members, the people I've bonded with there.

I cant imagine leaving Sabla, because I cant imagine loosing contact with people I love and care about. Yes, Msn, e-mails and all other communication tools are there .. but you dont get to know people through that .. you see them around sabla and makes you relate to what they say, or express.

Yes, some people sadly left sabla all for thier own personal reasons .. but beleive me thier memory is still there in the place, and once they decide to make a return they will get thier old friends happy about it no matter what the reason they left was.

Sabla is a community, and its at it best because they come from different places. You cant imagine how happy I get when I read something about Qatar for example because it reminds me of our Qatari guys in sabla, or UAE, or Libya, or UK or US. Even those who come from different part of Oman. I smile when I hear Samail because of Ice Tea, and Izki because of Toomuchat and Bahla because of EQ and the list goes on. These countries & places became more meaningful to me because of them.

This is why, when a person announces them leaving, I get upset and sad .. to me it means they decided to abonded thier community and act as if it didnt mean anything to them. When you mean something to a person, they would like to feel they mean back to you.

So sabla members, stay as a community and learn to love it that way .. and those who doesn know what sabla is, visit:

Wu 7ayakum ..


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