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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Nice old childhood

My cousin got a baby girl "who is very cute mashallah" .. she was looking for her some old songs on the net, and when I knew about it .. the little child in me got activated .. Here are some of them:

Mama Zamnha Gya:

Baba 7abibi, mama 7abibiti:

7abibat baba rasha:

and one of the best, which unfourtountly couldnt find it online is, my dad used to sing it to me all the time:
أجمل من في الحفلة دي دبدوبة التخينة، لابسة فستان وجيبونة ، نطي نطة يا دبدوبة .. ونطة كمان وعشان خاطري نطي يا شيخة سبع نطات
I hope I can listen to that again :(

Just listening to them, made me feel so happy :) .. I want my kids to have that too :D I want then to share the same memories though I am sure when the time comes, they will think all those songs as stupied .. maybe they would like ones that talk about computers and internet :p

I think, maybe allah doesnt want me to have a baby yet coz I am still a kid myself :D


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