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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Arranged Marraiges!!

Just to clarify things, by arranged marraiges I mean: " marraiges that are suggested from family, but happen with the consent of both the man & the woman".

two days back I was chatting with a friend and we were disscussing arranged marraiges. She was saying, that she thinks that a guy who goes to his family and ask them to suggest a wife from him is desperate and could be shallow.

In my opinion, its not that at all .. in our society, where mingling with men is not as open as other society, and where women, even if they mix with men would generally keep quite and not express themselves, its not easy to meet a person and see that he is the right person for you. Guys go for family suggestions because family would know the girls more, and could be right if the girl is right for him or not.

Plus, its just another way to get married. I think, marraige is an important part of a person's life. As long as the way is respectful, why not use it to reach to the goal "marraige"?. Maybe I think this way, coz I truly beleive that true love comes after marraige, when you've lived with the person and knew him inside out .. whats before that, is just attraction, and infatuation.

So girls & guys, open you minds to arranged marraiges and let fate decides which way you will get married and May Allah bless you with the best husband/wife inshallah :)


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