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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Negativity kills!!!

It kills me!!!

I like to be a realist who try to see the real situation .. yet I always lean on the positive side. Something that helps me to go forward in my life but sometimes (though I dont necesserly agree with them) it could alienate me from whats happening around me.
Well I am not naive .. I know that life isnt perfect, and things dont go as we like always .. but thyat dosent stop me from looking at the bright side of every situation!!

giving an example, if a manager says: I want you to beleive that you can be the CEO of this company.

Personaly, I would think that its a great way to motivate people. Yah it might not be realistic to think you can actually be a CEO. But if you have a high goal like that, you would work hard to acheive something in your career.

another person would think: who is he kidding!!! why is he treating us like kids!! we will never be CEOs in this company.
I think thats a killer!! it justs stops you where you are and wouldnt allow you to proceed in your career.

I am stubornly a postivists .. its just much much easier to live life that way!!


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