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Friday, October 07, 2005

Magic in Oman!

Two days back I was with two work colleuges .. both of them used to work in Bahrain. While talking, both of them were "warned" before coming to Oman about MAGIC!

This is not the first time I hear that fellow Gulfians think of Oman as the land of Magic!
Some of them wouldnt get close to Oman because of that! Just mention Nizwa or Bahla and boom they start getting all frigtened.

I find it funny at times, and at others it really get into my nerves .. I mean I lived in Oman all my life, and not only in the capital yet I never saw magic tricks. I heared many stories of jinns and so but those are just normal stories that people tell each other (and its everywhere not only in Oman), its the floklore of horrer movies made at home :)

Sometimes I blame the omanis themselves for this .. they ENJOY spreading those kind of stories in order to see how frightened a forigen vistor would be. I saw it happening with many of my friends.

Anyways, I just felt like asking why do gulfians things this way, anyone knows the answer?


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