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Saturday, September 03, 2005

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I started blogging in 28 October 2004

My blog is: my small space on the internet

I blog because I love to express my self

something I would like to change in my blog well, I guess right now the template.

Something that I would like to add to my blog the most recent comments hack!

Blogs that are saved in my faviourte list you can check the list on the side, however there are others who I visit daily but was lazy to update my list .. I will inshallah soon :)

Blogs that I often comment in blogs that intrest me are the blogs I comment in.

When I get a comment in my blog I go: yaaaaaaay .. and click on the comments buttons :D

The only thing to discourage me from commenting in other blogs is if the post is very serious, and I understand it but dont know how to express my point of view.

Blogs that have links to my blog are well there is a number of them: mbarak, farooha, muscati, oman bloggers .. those who I remmber.

Blogs that I have links to check my list :)

I think the only thing that will stop me from blogging would be not having the time ..

My blog is the 1st thing I check when I go online Yes (its my homepage!)

I am addicted to blogging Not really, I enjoy it!

I allow anonymous comments Yes

My blog gives a clear idea of who I am well yah, since I write it :confused:

I tag: Mbarak, Farooha, Abu sinan, Naja7, Raed, Beauty, warda, youngy ... and anyone wants to be tagged :)


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