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Friday, August 19, 2005

Allah Yir7amu

I woke up today with my husband receiving a call that my father's uncle passed away .. I was very cool at first ... Maybe because I cant imagine not seeing him again, and not hearing his voice calling me & hugging me saying: Oh dear me .. oh dear me ..

My grandfather Salim, was one of a kind... Although he didn't have children of his own, everyone considered him as their father. He always makes sure he touches a person's heart with his generosity & care.

My mom was just saying yesterday, that he was the bond of my father's family .. He always made sure to gather them all in his house .. We had lunch in his house at eid and any other occasions .. He always made sure to invite the extended family, those who we meet once a year only at his house.

When he goes to mosque, and meets a new neighbor or a person whose new to the area .. He would bring them to his house for coffee .. In Eid, he used to go to all the houses in the village to meet up with them ..

all these flash backs keep coming to my mind, and it hurts whenever I realize that I wont be seeing him again ..

May Allah grant him the highest level of Janat ilfirdaws .. Ameeeeen

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