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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

While being bored last night, I decided to start searching other blogs that have something in common with my profile .. and being me, who adores Oman .. I started searching for blogs that have Oman in thier profile ..

I came across many blogs, 20+. However, many of them dont belong to the Oman I know, Oman thats on the middle east. I think there is more than one Oman :p

anyway, to cut the story short .. I came across this blog
Zayed Al-Saidi (Arabic Blog) and I was impressed .. most of Omani blogs are in english, and it makes those who want to write in arabic change thier mind because few people would visit and comment. This is a pure Arabic blog .. mostly a technical one .. with other posts here and there .. I liked it, even though its has a simple layout .. I think the content is quite rich ..

Well done bro Zayed .. I am becoming a frequent vistor of your blog :)


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