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Friday, August 12, 2005

my bro wants to be like me!!

I was really flattered!! my youngest bro (Nasser) just said a while a go, that he thinks he will grow up to be like me ..

at first, I thought it was just the normal division thing that we have at home (between my mom's tribe and my fathers) but no, he completed his sentence to say that he would like to be like me because he likes my personality!!

WOOW .. coming from this13 year old boy .. who I beleive is one of the smartest and well informed boys in Oman (and no not because he is my bro, he just reads alots esp. about history, if I have any history question I go back to him!!) .. its just so flattering .. I just hope one day when I have my own kids they would say something like this :D


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