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Monday, June 27, 2005

I've been tagged

Wooooooooow, for the first time I've been tagged by the great Princesses from Saudi Farooha: & Darama of life:
I didnt know what being tagged means until they tagged me :D

- Number of books I own: I dont know, but I would certainly love to own more :p

- Last book I read: well this is one difficult question, the last few weeks, I have been moving from book to another without completing it or concentrating fully on it .. my mind was very occupied .. but let me say the last book I remmber reading (didnt complete it yet) is 7ikayat 7ub by Ghazi Al-Qusaibi

-Five books that mean a lot to me:
1- Shaqat Al-7uriya by Ghazi Al-Qusaibi .. I think I first read when I was around 16 .. I was fascinated with life when studying abroad ..and it was talking about that.

2- Juro7 Al-Thakira .. Turkey Al-Hamed. I borrowed this story from my cousin. started reading few pages and wasn't intrested .. and left it in the drawer .. then after few months, I was bored so thought of compeleting the story and wow it was an amazing one mashallah!

3-Stories by Qmasha Al-Alyan .. she writes about social life and her stories are touching

4-Shubuhat 7awl Il-Islam- mohammed Qutub ... I think anyone willing to discuss Islam with non muslims should read this book. It helps you answer many questions you might be asked, and also clear doubts you might sometimes have.

5- Mirage, Sohier Khashouggi .. although I dont beleive that all what she said happens in Saudi (she doesnt call is Saudi she calls it "ilrimal") but it was a touching story ..

-The book I am reading since long but could not finish: Lots actually :p told you these days I am just in the mood of now finishing books :D

alright, I tag: Namika, Tia, Warda, Enigma, Crazy & Raed


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