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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Omantel Shares

All the country is going hyper about Omantel's shares that started to be issued this week.I was very excited about buying some too, after all there is a gurntee raise in price.

But then, today two people at work started telling me how it might be haram buying shares from Omantel and that there is a fatwa about it.It got me worried, I am very concerned about putting my money in an haram thing because I beleive it takes away baraka.

So now I am really confused ..

you see, I totally agree that bank intrest are haram, no matter how people try to polish it. It comes from Loans given to people in need and they take intrest from it.

Then, I beleive shares are totally halal as a basis .. it really depends where you buy the shares in.

Omantel origional business it halal .. they provide telecom services ..

why people are thinking it could be haram, is because Omantel puts its money in banks where it takes intrest from. So, that means omantel deals with intrest.

Some people came and argued that means people who get thier salaries from there are getting haram money too. (thats too extreme in my opinion, wallahu allam)

So now I am torn!! I really dont want to miss such an oppertunity, but at the same I want to make sure my money is halal!

aghhh ..
I think I better buy a land in Al-Amerat instead with the money I wanted to invest in MSM :(


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