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Friday, June 10, 2005

My Firsts ...

Inspired by Tia's Blog = I thought of trying to list of things that I remmber ..

First ..

# Long trip for holiday was to UK when I was 8, I remmber feeling as if I reached the moon.

# School was called "thalatha wa 3shreen youlyo" in salalah

# Day at school I felt so lost, I kept on taking my bag with me even during break time.

# Story was called " al um al khati2a- the wronged mother" it made my mom think if she had done something wrong to me :p

# Car I've driven was ford taurus. I really admire how much that car stod strong with all my roughness !!

# car I owned (and the one I still use) is ford focus a gift from my dad :)

# best friend was a girl from salalah, she has the cleanest heart ever .. she contacted me after 6 years of losing contact.

# camera I bought with my own money was Yashika

# Mobile phone was ericssion GH 337

# pet (and actually the Real only pet) was a parrot .. dad called her ma7booba (by mahbooba and mabrooka kuwaiti series)

# Time I felt really responsible was on the day my family had an accident. I was the only one allowed in to see my mom and talk to her .. and everyone was hugging me and telling me I should be patient.

ok those that I could come up with now, maybe later if I came up with more I would edit this post :D


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