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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Why do we read?

two days back I attended a presentation about the 7 havits of the most effective people ..
In his presentation, he asked us not to take notes. apparantly, when we engage our conious mind into an activity, it doesnt have a huge memory like our uncounious mind. This is why, when we read a book we get 20% of its content .. while if we see the same content in a movie, or a presentation or even heared it on tape, we could reach to 80%!!

so I kept on woundering, if thats the case what makes us continue to read? is it the information we get out of the book? if it was the reason, then we could get as much information in a tape or a presentation!

Is it the enjoyment? well we certainly enjoy visuals more than words..

so what is it, that makes us attached to reading books??

PS. Biology was my best subject at school, and it was because the teacher banned us from writing notes during the class and asked to concentrate only on her teaching, and I admit that her method is effective. So I guess, the theory is quite right :)


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