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Friday, July 29, 2005

I am an Aunti !!!

My sister gave birth to her first baby boy .. it was such an exciting experience to be there in the hospital when she gave birth .. it seems that the baby likes me because he waited for me to finish work, and came only at night 27/7 at 10:20 pm and the next day was weekend so I managed to be there and see the little cute Mohammed :)

He was named mohammed after his two grandfathers who are called mohammed, hope he turns out as great as they are!

His father was so excited at the time of birth, he was with her in the deleivery room but he used to come out every now and then to give us updates .. he was so excited mashallah ..

He is such a cute baby .. when I leave the hospital all I think about is him .. and cant wait till the next day :) .. the best part is that few people said he looks like me :D

I changed his dipers for the first time (well with lots of expermeinting with my sister) and it was such an intresting thing to do contrary to what I expected .. he was so cute and didnt cry even when we didnt know how to handel him .. and I felt sooo happy inside ..

Note: the first pic here is after 1 or 2 hours after his birth .. I think he grow cuter by the day :p
and the next pic is on the next day :)

Inshallah he will be a very good son to my sister and wouldnt make it hard on her to raise him.


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