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Friday, July 22, 2005

My Trip to the Kingdom of unexpected treasures !

I was in a 2 weeks visit to Saudi Arabia, a country next door for my bro's treatment ... It wasn't my first visit as I have been to Riyadh, Mecca & Madina before .. But it has been really long (almost 7 years) since I last visited Saudi, so I was so excited about the trip (esp. That I was expecting to meet lovely Farooha there)

our trip started on wenesday 29th of June, around 6 o'clock when we (my Husband, me and my brother Nasser) rode the GMC heading to Abudhabi to spend the night there and head to Saudi next morning. On my way, I stopped by Catchy's city and met her, and she brought us a delicious dinner basket .. God bless her :)

We reached my grandma's house in AD at around 11 and everyone was sleeping .. So, we also found our place to sleep straight away so we can get ready to leave next morning after fajer prayer. Woke up at around 4 to pray fajer and we were supposed to leave, but my mom's uncle didn't allow us .. He insisted that we stay for breakfast, we did and had a good one ..

Then we started heading to Riyadh .. Everything went smoothly alhamdulilah .. I didn't really feel the 10 hours that passed through .. Here is a pic of my bro Nasser (13) during the roadtrip :)

we arrived Riyadh at around 4 and found my mom, my bro Saif & Malik are waiting for us inpatient .. And mom arranged a great lunch :)

now, the first week was cool, met farooha in mamlakat al mar2a (I must admit I really loved the place, a whole floor in the biggest shopping mall for women only!!! We need one in Oman) and I really really enjoyed meeting her .. she was a pretty girl .. And felt really myself with her .. allah yiwafqish inshallah :)

on Monday, we head to Mecca to perform umra and then to Madina as my mom insisted nasser should see the prophet's grave & 7aram.

The place is just amazing .. Something about it makes you feel very peaceful .. I wished we could stay longer ..

Then my mom left to Oman, and Me, my husband and saif were to stay with malik for the coming week during the treatment.

the rest of our time there was so relaxing .. I got to sleep, read, and go around Riyadh (mostly malls though).

Then my Huband and I left to Bahrain by plane for 3 days and then to Muscat. My bro Salim and my Aunt came to take the shift from us to stay with Malik.

Bahrain was nice, it was such a nice holiday for me and my hubby .. we rented a car and went around all Bahrain .. My hubby enjoyed roaming around the roads and finding his way back :)
here is a pic of King Fahad's bridge

Now, I am back to Oman .. Relaxed, and ready to start work on Saturday (not really I wished if I could get one more week holiday). I truly missed Oman, but I never felt a stranger in the hospitality of SA & Bahrain :)


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