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Sunday, August 07, 2005

can we stop being judged?

After reading a long arguments I read in Mahmood Yousef's Blog thats discussing if a person can be judged for not wearing Hijab .. these thoughts came to me..

Before I start my thoughts, I would like to point one thing .. I am aginst a person being judged .. however, as a realist I beleive its impossible .. if you live in a society and choose to go aginst it, wether you like it or not will be judged ..

another thing, this is not a disucssion wetther Hijab is fardh in Islam or not .. coz to me thats not a question, to others it is I know but its up to them ..

Any way, why a person is judged when they do something out of the norm of that certain society? its basicly because the person decided to differ than that society .. and in every society no matter how advanced it is, people are judged with different things .. for example, in our society (I mean the gulf one in general) a girl might be judged for not wearing Hijab .. while if the same girl went to USA or UK and wore the Hijab she might get judged for wearing it this time!!

every human being want everyone to be like them .. the people of a certain society would feel more comfortable if everyone decided to follow the same way of life they follow .. it makes it less easier for them to raise thier kids the way they want, and mingle with people who think simmiler to them ..

In the past, that perfect society where everyone lived to think the same way exsited .. now, because the world is getting simmiler and every person have access to what other people do and how they live .. it became easier to adopt other ways of life .. however, the same people of the society still existed .. and they still want to live in the area where everyone thinks and lives like them .. so they start judging those who decided to be different .. in order to outcast them from the society and they continue to live thier perfect one ..

from the point of view of the other party, who decided to go on thier life differently, they realise that its thier right to be different .. they have thier own will and they want to practice it ..
But then, they should understand that they cant change the society in one night .. people have been thinking this way for long, and to change them it takes time!!
So, if they decided to pick a way different than the society, they should expect to be judged .. unfair I know but its not something easily changed .. and if you have the courage to go a different way than the society then you have the courage to expect the reaction that comes from it.


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