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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ree7 ILJana - Turkey Al-Hamed

Alhamdulilah I finally finished reading Ree7 Iljana ..
I think I was just lucky that I got the book from Bahrain, I noticed this small stall of a bookshop in Seaf Mall in Bahrain on my last hours there .. and being me I started begging my husband that we stop maybe I would find something intresting .. and oh my god .. there were like 10s of books that I wanted to buy .. so I had to choose randomly .. there were a number of Turkey Al-Hamed's stories (one of my faviourate writers), but I couldnt get all of them .. so I had to choose .. and I chose randomly .. something about the title pulled me .. and I wasnt mistaken .. it was such an intresting book ..

"book spoiler, if you want to read the book without knowing whats in it, dont read below"

It was a story about 9/11 ... I think it was such a courages attempt to start writing something like this .. because everyone witnessed the day, so he has many boundries to worry about when writing .. albeit that, he wrtoe the book wounderfully ..

He took it from the mind of the arab terriorists ... how did they live thier lives before doing what they did .. and how they rationalised what they did .. how they thought it might be the truth that has no other .. reading his "ihda2" .. you realise that he doesnt agree with they did .. but at the same time, you dont feel his personal opinion affecting the story line .. he narrate it as he imagined it to be. The charchters were loveable .. you love them even that you know that they did what they did .. thats intresting by itself!!

I came out of the story experience with even more respect for Turky Al-Hamad ..


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