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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Something is wrong!!!

Some how my self confindence is very low at this paticular phase of my life .. and its affecting me especially at work!!

It starts with speaking english, whenever I feel that the person I am talking to speaks good english my english goes lower than bad .. I dont seem to find the right words and I cant make 1 proper sentence right .. the funny part is that when I speak to a person whos english isnt that good it doesnt go this way. moreover, when I speak to a group (if we were in a meeting or something) I dont get that nervous and my english is better .. I guess I am scared of personal confrontation!!

Then, I am a person who remmbers what I did and what I didnt .. once someone starts making an accusation at work I start getting nervous or worried .. even if I wasnt to be blamed .. as if I am expecting someone to start accusing me too!!

I am not like this, I was a strong person (at least at the outside) .. I never showed a person that I am weak .. but right now its showing and I hate it!!!

I just hope this wouldnt last long coz I hate the new me :(


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