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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Girlie Talks!!

Two days back, I was sitting with my cousin chit chatting .. and I was telling her how much I miss those talks ..

I really dont know whats the secret behaind enjoying long hours chats .. you just feel lighter!!

Being a married working woman, its very hard to find to have time to spend just talking .. and even if you tried making time it doesnt just happen that way .. you need to have the right mood and with all the stress you have this mood doesnt come often on the right time!!

I remmber when I was a kid, me, my sister and my cousin would spend hours in the bathroom talking! .. why the bathroom I dont know, but basicly its where no one can bother us .. otherwise my other sister would be listen to what we say and we always thought what we say are top secret!!

Sometimes I wish I could back on time and video-tapes those talks .. I just want to recall what we used to talk about!!


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