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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

31st of August, Blog Day!!

I've been tageed by Haitham. We are supposed to write about 5 blogs we know (preferebly from differnet cultures and backgrounds).

it took me long to think about it.. as I do enjoy more than 5 blogs which I take daily visits to!!

I would start with, Nick yusef. He is a 16 years old muslim Malaysian .. I find this blog intresting because it brings me back to a culture I really loved: Malay! I am also impressed by this very energetic, wise young boy .. mashallah :)

another blog that I cant stop myself from checking daily is Raed's Blog. Though he doesnt update his blog much "which he should be sued for", but I love his posts. He is "mashallah" a very wise and mature guy. His arabic is excellent!! (warning: most of his posts are in arabic)

another blog, is my lovely Faroooha's blog. I just love this girl! and when I met her (by the way she was the first girl I meet out of blogs :) ), I loved her even more!! She is very active, white hearted, down to earth, open minded yet understands her culture girl. I would also like to add, she was nominated in one of the sites as best blog :)

Now comes one of my best friend's blog, Namika. Her blog is a log of many thoughts that goes on her very active mind. she puts her thoughts there with a clear statment on where she stands regarding them. I love how stuborn she gets when she doesnt agree with me :p .. she is just one of the most honest and careing people I ever met.

The fifth blog would be Saudi Jeans. I started visiting his arabic blog too: Yawmyat. His blog is very broad and very informative.

I wish I could vote for more than 5, here are some other blogs I would recommend:
Allured (a little bit of everything, Sam, Mbarak, Naja7 ,Muscati, From This Side of The Window
& Sweet Kaza


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