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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Pictorial Updates

Ok I being very lazy, so I decided to use some pictures as an excuse to update!

I will start with my very adorable nephew .. woow, I cant imagine something as small as mohammed can move my emotions so fast! Few days back he was given vaccination ,, and was crying in pain .. I was about to cry with him .. he was slowly lifting his leg up to avoide it being touched .. that was so hurting .. he seemed so vulnerable!!!

Any way here is Mohammed 5 months old (sorry about the quality, it was taken by my phone):

These are pictures of the Qblatain Masjid I talked about before in this blog. Its a masjid in my home town "Ibra" .. its an evidnce that Islam reached Oman in its early years, because it has two direction, one to Al-Quds and the right one to Mecca:

Some old books

View of the masjid from down the hill

The two Qiblas

Here I am practicing my artisic skills. I know I have non, but pleaaaaaaase dont break my bubble :p


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