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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Back from Kingdom of Bahrain !

For those who missed me the past few days .. I was in Bahrain for a work trip. I did enjoy my time there:)

My best acheivment in this trip is that I managed to get Thoub Bahraini (they call it thoub Nashel) from there .. you guys dont know how long I have been dreaming to own such a thoub .. it just look so beatiful on Bahrainis on TV :)

I also met a group of Iraqis .. oh my god I dont know how much I love those people .. I mean they are the strongest people on earth!! The things that they've gone through are just so big!!

I bought 2 boxes of Rahash & Bahraini sweets to give people here .. I just love thier rahash!! its very tasty (it will show on my figure after a month, oh my god) !!

I had a good time overall ..


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