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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Thoughts, here & there ..

I've been thinking of this blog alot the past few days, I had lots of thoughts and incidents that came into my mind and though to blog about it, I will put them all in one post .. I just hope I dont speak nonesense :)

I had a very heated discussion with my sister and cousins about how to deal with kids today. What I beleive is, we can never expect the kids today to accept the same measures we accepted as kids. Kids today are open to different medias and are ready to question anything you try to say. If you ask them not to go this certain place, they will start asking why, and why would my friend x go, and try to get thier way through.

Therefore, in order to raise them right, you have to put today's generations change into consideration.

This argument started after my young (girls) cousins wanted to go to the cinema. When we were young, that was unquestionable .. cinemas are one of the forbidden places on earth. But today, you just cant put this rule anymore .. you cant isolate your kid from all whats happening around them. Ofcourse, I am not calling for total change of customs and traditions .. I am just saying we should understand that things changed!!

an indian colleuge of mine told me that he saw me in city center in the weekend, being the excited me I asked why didnt he approach me to say hi so I would introduce him to my husband. He said, he had a past experience where a girl he knew at work acted cold when he met her outside.

I dont know if its just me, but I think its double standered. I mean since I talk to him at work, what difference does it make anywhere else?

Alfair (a supermarket chain) is driving me crazy!!! are really willing to make business??!! I am a regular shopper at the khuwair branch and I am really really not satisfied! They are not organized at all, I dont know if the things I need are there or not .. they rearrage stuff easily .. its just not as it was 2 years back.

The worse is, they have those old broken fridges on thier entrance .. they image is really so bad!! have a look:

the only reason I am still going there is because the location is very convienent! I would really write them a long complain letter complaining about those fridges!!


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