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Friday, December 15, 2006

Ok, the past week or so was very tiring. First I had a friend visiting me from brunei, so we had to take her out and make her see beatiful Oman. I went to places I've never been before like Jabal Shams. It was very cold up there .. and scary high!! But it was really fun. We also went to Suq Nizwa, Nakhal Fort, Nakhal Spring (Al Thawara) and Rustaq's Ain Al Kasfa. It was fun.
But then after that I had a very bad flu. I practicly stayed laying on the coach all day long not wanting to move an inch .. and once I was done, my husband got it too !! and aparantly all of Oman has it!! so our house is filled with panadol and cough syrups.. but we are fine now alhamdululah :)

Yesterday, it rained heavly in Muscat .. and once it rains, all of oman's start flooding .. cars are pulled by the water and people get rescued by helicopters. And after the water goes, the roads are filled with Mud and dirt ... Muscat looks ugly .. it just makes you realise the massive work of the munciplity workers .. good bless them for keeping muscat clean at all time.

Alright, thats what was keeping me from updating .. I will come with a new "real" update soon inshallah.

(For pictures of my trip around and the mud in muscat, check my flickr account)


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