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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Random Update

Ok I felt bad that I havent updated for some time, and my fans (ya right!!) cant wait to get an update from me :p .. so I decided to post a random update :

- The Omani Cap:

I promised you guys to let you know of the updates .. well I didnt go ahead with it much .. I am slow and lazy :p
here is a pic of where I am now:
- Moving Offices:

I movied offices .. since I am taking the place of another person who moved to a higher position.
I moved offices because the place I will be in is quiter .. but I will really miss my old office :'(

this is my new office:

(Sorry, phone quality)

So, along with that I've been busy with family and friends .. and being lazy to update since I havent wrote anything recently .. so bare with me .. I will update soon inshallah :)


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